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cookies policy luggage barcelona
cookies policy luggage barcelona

Cookies policy Luggage Barcelona

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Additional services offered by Happy Luggage Barcelona:

– Personal attention.
– Situation of easy access for taxis and buses (stop and pick up passengers and their luggage).
– Service booking taxi to the airport
– Reserve experiences: Segway tours, guided tours, bicycle rental, taxi route to emblematic places
– Pick up in suitcases taxi in urban accommodation and transfer to our premises.
– Custody of keys.
– Mobile chargers and travel accessories.
– Boarding Pass printing service
– Availability of city maps and transportation. From our premises we have quick access to the main points of interest of the city.
– Red free wifi for customers.-
– We send packages and suitcases to destination with Mail Boxes.
– Big Volume and Long Stay Consignment
We have space for: bicycles, golf clubs, surfboards, skis …
Budgets adapted for reservations from the third day. Lockers Barcelona left luggage

(+34) 933483265