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Luggage Shipping Budget MBE
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The maximum dimensions for your shipments must meet the following standard: Length + Width + Height <300 cm. Without any of these three measures exceeding 150 cm. The maximum weight per package will be determined by the destination and the type of service.
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Length + Width + Height
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Indicate any comments that you consider appropriate. For shipments of more units, please indicate here or contact HAPPY LUGGAGE BCN

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Pack, measure and weigh your shipments

Before measuring and weighing, we have to pack and protect the goods for transport. This step is very important since, although some of the courier companies with which we work to offer the possibility of contracting an additional insurance, it is essential that they present a good packaging.

Once it is packed and ready for transport, we can now measure and calibrate its weight. Never before because the measures and weight will be used for courier companies to carry the staff and the appropriate means to transport it.

The courier companies will audit the weights and measures and, if the ones you have indicated are lower than the real ones, there could be incidents or delays in the transport and you should pay an additional supplement so that the transport does not stop. So it is preferable to indicate measurements or weight accurately.

In Happy Luggage BCN we perform this function with your bags “in situ”

MBE Budget – Shipping of luggage and baggage

Mail Boxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc. offers the best solutions to pack and send. Dozens of years of experience, professionalism and competence allow you to manage almost every type of shipment.

Mail Boxes Etc. has grown steadily throughout its history. The teams of the 1600 MBE service centers in more than 30 countries, take our business concept to the service of the needs of businesses and individuals, in the different locations in which we are present.

MBE Budget – Shipping luggage, baggage, suitcases

MBE Budget - Shipping luggage, baggage, suitcases
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